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Sellers Sellers
Wed Mar 15 07:31:23 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

JC wrote:
> The problem with that view is that it ignores the various things
> that EQ did and are doing that were new and interesting (see
> previous threads and some of the discussions at the dinner), or that
> DIKU, for all the things it did "wrong", it also did a great many
> things very right -- there are very good reasons for its popularity
> after all.

One of the interesting things Brad McQuaid said in our tutorial was that in
making EQ, Verant didn't set out to make an innovative, cutting-edge game
experience: they consciously went for the hack-n-slash, class-based, combat
game experience.  So I guess they hit what they were aiming at, and are
justifiably proud of the size of their player-base (edging up on 200,000).  

OTOH, as Jonathan Baron pointed out in his "Heat into Light" talk, even
numbers like that are nothing to be all that proud of: even the *worst*
infomercial on at 4am regularly whomps us in terms of viewers (and probably
in terms of paying customers).

Mike Sellers

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