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> BTW... SMAUG was released at the end of 1996... which is a significant
> addition because a few Everquest developers/designers were players on
> Realms of Despair (the SMAUG development MUD) and I have information
> from an inside contact at EQ that they definately took a lot of ideas from

There were quite a few MUDs that got played by a few of the EQ dev team.
And SMAUG was not the primary influence.  For purposes of classification, a
_heavily_ modified DIKU format (closely resembling the original SMAUG) was
the foundational premise influence.  Much of what SMAUG touted over standard
MERCs and DIKUs was coincidentally similar to the direction of EQ.  If you
wish to know what MUDs were/are heavily played by dev members, this list
includes (but is not limited to) Toril/Sojourn/Duris, Ancient Anguish,
Realms of Despair, Avatar, and Nirvana.

However, I do agree that SMAUG is a significant addition.  It was a
derivative, but it was most definitely (at least in my opinion) a huge
evolution in DIKU gaming.  It stripped much of what was problematic with the
original DIKUs, and added so much more of what made them fun.

~Ryan Palacio
EQ/EQ:ROK Game Designer

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