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> Raph wrote:
> > Brad & Smed didn't make it to the dinner. I am not sure they knew about
> > it, actually. Mike Sellers showed at the meet & greet beforehand but
> > come to dinner itself. I don't think any EQ guys were at the dinner.
> Yeah, it was great meeting you all, and I'll be kicking myself for a good
> year about bagging out on the dinner.  Meeting people was definitely the
> highlight of the conf this year (as it always is I guess).  Next year I'll
> just have to get a bit more sleep for the few days *before* the
> conference...

We'll have to make the MUD-Dev GDC dinner a yearly thing, and next time
see about getting a round table (or at least something more like the
arrangement for the round-table discussions).

I agree meeting people is usually the highlight of the conference.  This
year I finally got to meet Doug Church so I could praise him for his work on
Ultima Underworld and bug him about Underworld III.  Warren Spector
was lurking about somewhere, but I didn't get a chance to give him the
same attack of praise and nagging.

Whenever I talk to Looking Glass people, they say that they'd be happy to
do Underworld III, but need the permission from Origin.  Whenever I talk
to Origin, they say that if Looking Glass would give them a proposal, they'd
be more than happy to look at it.   I need to get someone from Origin and
someone from Looking Glass in the same room when I ask about UW3 ;)

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