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From: Aaron Mitchell
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Subject: [MUD-Dev] Open Source Online Gaming

> Hello everyone on Mud-Dev,

> Something I am interested in working on is a MUD style game similar to
> AC, EQ, UO, etc.  <snip>

> First of all, has anyone heard of or built a successful business model in
> the online gaming industry centered around an open source project?  I like
> the idea of open source products, especially the community development
> aspects, but still would like to develop a commercially viable product.

Just because the source is open doesn't mean that the graphics and world
data are free for anyone to use.   Also, just because the source is open
doesn't mean that everyone gets to play for free.

Apache is open source, but it runs a hell of a lot of pay sites (mostly
adult sites, but make big bucks).

The only problem here is the team works for free on a major kick-ass game
framework, and anyone with a pocket full of cash can snap it up for nothing,
save a couple years worth of development effort, market the hell out of it
and rake in mega bucks.  License agreements can help here (GPL) but when
your source code is free for all to see, it's hard to protect.

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