[MUD-Dev] Open Source Environments (was: Open Source Online Gaming)

Nathan F Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Thu Mar 16 15:29:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, scott guzman wrote:

:    What's needed, however, is something like Be OS as opposed to
:something like Linux, where the name of the game is "thou must give away
:all your hard work for free after a given amount of time". I mean, it's
:no coincidence that Mac OS will have Be OS as its kernel in its much
:ballyhooed Mac OS X (gotta love the double entendre of Mac OS 10 and
:Windows X :-) ). But wait a second, I've moved beyond a programming

Er... MacOS X is based on OpenSTEP, the NeXT OS, which is based on a
BSD/Mach 3 kernel.  BeOS, on the other hand, is closed source, but is
now free, now runs on x86 only, and supports POSIX, an open *standard*.

Which seems to be what you're advocating for mud programming, anyhow.

:language into a mudding environment, haven't I? Well, it's certainly
:another thing that I think could benefit from being open source :-).
:Actually, I think that in possibly as little as 10 years, virtually all
:personal computer environments will be using the same, albeit
:multiflavoured OS. I think this because for the past few decades, Unix
:has been gaining favour like crazy. At first, it started with.. what was
:it? Minicomputers? Then it dominated that arena. Now it's started moving
:into the personal computer arena; Linux showed some promise, but I
:personally think that one of its big breaks will be Be OS as the Mac OS
:Kernel. And I think no wiz programmer is fooled by where Microsoft's
:"New Technology" came from; oh sure, title changes and the microsoft way
:of putting a slash the other way around (or labelling things different
:names to 'prove' that their stuff is actually 'new'), but I think these
:wizes know that it's just Unix with Microsoft stamped on it.

NT is a bastardized hybrid of DOS based Windows and bits of BSD.  That's
very different from having a BSD kernel... and nothing remotely like a
unix with M$ stamped on it...

And, interestingly, Windows is the *only* non-POSIX OS left after Apple
finishes its metamorphasis.

:   So here's to a new Unix/Mud/Mac/PC-OS that I'm hoping to see one day
:(I feel that muds will be the true killer app of the internet; It seems
:to me that it'd be easier to put everything on a mud then everything on
:a browser- but either way, I can't see anything other then the 2
:merging; and it's been said before that browsers could become the new
:operating systems; I feel that the Mud/Browser/Unix combination
:definitely will).

See Scott's mud-on-a-web-page...

But honestly, I think the future belongs to muds closer to CivNet, QIII,
and UO than to the ones you are proposing.  After all, they have funds;
open source as a model for commercial ventures suffers in this regard.



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