[MUD-Dev] Questions about the MudDev FAQ

Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Thu Mar 16 22:09:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Hello everybody.

I have been wondering  if I should extend the resources section of
the FAQ. There seems to be some activity regarding mud development
on general gaming sites  like gamasutra (?)  Is this correct,  and
should I add those websites to the faq?  If so,  I would welcome a
more or less comprehensive list.

Another question  that I have been unable to decide on for myself
is if I should add commercial projects. Currently we have some of
the bigger commercial games, but lack others.  I think a develop-
ment  like Skotos ought to be mentioned,  but the whole things is
feeling a bit haphazard to me.
I would like to do a more structured article in the faq about the
big commercial games, the small commercial games  and the various
non-commercial games,  but I am uncertain  if that is desired  by
the readers of MudDev.

The same is true for related mail lists. Does anybody have a more
comprensive list of those,  so I might add them  to the faq,  and
should I?

Jon Lambert  used to make a list of  all topics discussed in each
year,  but I think he has more useful things to do with his time.
Is there anybody around  who would like to compile such list  for

And finally, is there anything you feel is missing from the faq?

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