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Joel Kelso joel at ee.uwa.edu.au
Fri Mar 17 09:18:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Lovecraft wrote:

> Embarassingly, I don't know of other games that reduce bandwidth/daily usage
> by game mechanics.  I imagine you, gentle listmember, may offer examples.  I
> offer one I know well.

<dark ages usage control strategies>

Starlane (which I'm testing at the moment) uses a constantly
"energy" value that to restrict movement.  Starlane's not an RPG, its a
strategy game, but with a real-time rather than turn-based control
so it's absoutely vital for game balance to limit the number of moves
a player can make in a day. 

Despite this, a few of the test players were in the habit of connecting 
every half-hour or so and waiting for his energy level to go up by 0.1
so they
could perform a move (there was a war on) ... I guess there's a balance
between rewarding enthusiastic players and penalising players with
time to devote.

Joel Kelso

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