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Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
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"J. Coleman" wrote:
> Didn't see this in the faq anywhere, and I can't seem to find any good
> implementations of it anywhere, so here goes:
> Does anyone know a good way to handle unique items? I want to have
> players able to make magic items themselves, that are completely custom.
> Magic items in my game will be fairly powerful because of their rarity,
> and the fact that they must be created, and not found. Is there a good
> clean way to keep an "index" file of all magic items that have been
> created this way, and to reference player files to it perhaps? How does
> everyone else do this?
>         -Justin
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I reference the base object (though this object may not be found 'in the game').
I then copy it in memory, so that it is a unique instance, and make whatever
changes are needed.  To save it, I write it into the pfile (player's file).
This is different from non-modified objects, which I just write as a number
(ie kind of a database ID).

At the time that I load the player into the game, I instantiate new objects
for all of the modified ones that were written out fully, and add a simple
pointer to the base object for those that are written out as numbers only
(non modified.)

That help any?


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