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J. Coleman stormknight at alltel.net
Sun Mar 19 21:38:23 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Quzah wrote:
> I'll assume you're using a diku variant, as you haven't told us
> what you are using. The rest is easy. Since you're probably using
> vnums, just set the unique items to -N or something like that.
> Store all unique items in a seperate file. Load the file when the
> game boots. Save it when you shut down or make any changes to the
> items. In the player file, just simply do something like:
> UniqueItem        NumberOfItem

Yes, this is probably the way I'll go. FYI, I'm using somewhat modified
Circle for a server right now, but am in the process of scratch-writing
a new one specifically for Exile. The rule system is completely drawn
out, as this is being taken from a LARP I help run. And to address the
"bad descriptions/bad writing" problem, I'm just going to do the
descriptions automatically, depending on what they use to do the ritual.
Components and all kinds of other goodies are required to make even the
most basic magic items, so it won't be hard to get good descriptions out
of several different components. The thing I dread most is trying to
limit advancement, when most mud players (IME) just sit down and script
a little XP-bot to do all the work for them. *sigh* Well, I volunteered
for this :P

Thanks for the help,

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