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> This system is nice because it makes the world 100% persistant. Mobs
> remember where they are after a reboot, as well as anything else. There are
> no formal resets. However, I use special root room where "destroyed"
> entities are sent by default. Any repop or resurrection would be handled by
> scripts.
> There is one thing that might be viewed as a downside, and that is that each
> entity is unique. This system works wonderfully for small worlds. For large
> worlds (Like I plan mine to be), a special object copy command would be
> essencial.

Inheritance. My system is similar, in that all entities are unique. However,
I use single inheritance (possibly many levels) to supply default values
for most things. Thus I have a "generic monster" that all monsters
inherit from. It supplies things like messages triggered when you try
to pick it up, etc. Customization then adds new properties, or overrides
default (inherited) ones. See the AmigaMUD section on my web pages for
far more detail than you have the interest to read. :-)

Don't design inefficiency in - it'll happen in the implementation.

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