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Marc Bowden ryumo at merit.edu
Mon Mar 20 07:54:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

> From: J. Coleman <stormknight at alltel.net>
> Does anyone know a good way to handle unique items? I want to have
> players able to make magic items themselves, that are completely
> custom. Magic items in my game will be fairly powerful because of
> their rarity, and the fact that they must be created, and not
> found. Is there a good clean way to keep an "index" file of all
> magic items that have been created this way, and to reference
> player files to it perhaps? How does everyone else do this?

  Just off the cuff, a really quick way that would work for us
(Dreamshadow pre-dates lockers or item storage, so ymmv of course.)

create() {

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