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Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Wed Mar 22 10:54:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

[Joel Dillon wrote]
>   Do you have any documentation on how you did the simulation/what
> rules you used? I'm interested in having a real simulated in-game =
> like this, but there's very little out there on how people have =
> done it,

    I wouldn't even want to recreate what I made here because the whole =
was to make a unique and realistic world.  I make these worlds about one =
a year
or so, so I'll give some thought into documenting one of the runs for =
the purpose
of giving the information to others.  The major poing that I'm drawing =
from is
that every time I work a completely different concept and the world =
turns out
totally differenct from what I've conceived.  Most people chalk this up =
as an
error in their program and throw it out.  I, however, find this a rather =
big plus.

    I'm also going to expound upon Lo Kam in his latest message.  It =
seems the
creation of history for a MUD is of a rather large concern to him and I =
have some advice to offer.  Using the smaller communities idea please =
the following scenario:

#1 I create using my behavior mechanism about 300,000 ai npc bots.  Lets =
necessarily say ai because that implies high cpu usage and processing.  =
Lets just
say intelligent to some degree.
#2 Out of these there are say .01 percent that do good deeds.  Less that =
exceptional deeds.  Same amounts of evil and insane behaviors exist as =
#3 Have these individuals perform their tasks.  Sometimes when nobody is =
and sometimes when people are looking, however, they see fit.
#4 Using your Smaller Networks or whatever that buzzword was have the =
tell one another about the deed and have it become a myth or tall tale =
over time.
In King Arthur's time (speculation says there was a real King Arthur) =
probably was no lady in the lake.  The Greeks believed in the Gods, but =
only thier
most talented elders and writers wrote grand stories about them.  Have =
told to one of these people and then have them *expand* on it.

    The algorithm for throwing a deed out of whack and making it huge =
would be
maybe a little complicated.  But that is how your history is created.  =
Through the
simulation of tall tales ;-)

    - Justin Rogers, CEO DigiTec Web Consultants

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