[MUD-Dev] Gamasutra: Online Justice Systems

Sayeed yu219121 at YorkU.CA
Wed Mar 22 23:12:53 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

>> Philip wrote:
>> Couldn't you have the client check the computer for multiple characters?
>> Then you would nead another ISP, Credit Card, AND computer. Sure, it
>> solve the problem, but it does make it harder to get arround the rule.
>Vijay wrote:
>	You could do that, but it won't be that hard to get a different
>computer as well.  Or you could just hack the client so that it checks but
>always thinks there is only one.  I think you can always find a way around
>a restriction like that if you're willing to look.

I don't think this is a very big problem in a pay-for-play system because
people WILL be discouraged by the extra cost.  Sure, a few will shell out
the extra cash and figure out a way around the checks for a character they
can "risk," but on the whole you will have a lot fewer multiple characters.
 Just because a few rich addicts can afford a new account (how many depends
on your market type), it doesn't really put other players at a
disadvantage, it just puts a small number of players at a slight advantage.
 For the myriad of problems this will solve, I think it's probably a good
decision to make.

-Zaid Sayeed.

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