[MUD-Dev] Command interface for Coordinate based world

Lovecraft dave at darkages.com
Thu Mar 23 12:34:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Dan wrote:
> I can see a system where the user types:

> >Heading 280
> >Speed 5
> >Facing 300

> But I think that would get old *real* fast and also isn't nearly as
> transparent as the normal interface.  I'm also having a problem with
> in my hope to avoid numbers, I have 'look right', 'look left' and 'look
> ahead'.  Again, not enough control?

What are the technical barriers to writing both a low-level and high-level

In Diablo and several graphic muds, you can use keyboard control to move
your character, or click on a destination with a mouse.  The client
pathfinds the destination.  Pathfinding is slightly more high-level than
using the mouse.  Some strategy games allow very distant pathfinding or
other high-level orders.

If your world is text based and contains objects in it that the user reads,
then I imagine one could give the high-level or low-level commands to get to
any object.

Low-level example:

> >Heading 280
> >Speed 5
> >Facing 300
[more low-level commands to navigate as your imagination needs]

High-level example:

User sees:
    A lilac bloom winks in and out of view behind the sparkling water
fountain's flow.

User types:
    Get lilac

User does:
    Goto (lilac) {
        Check range (lilac, arm's reach)
        Check obstacles {
            Navigate around (water fountain)
        Approach (lilac)

    Get (lilac) {
        Pull (lilac, root)

*smiles* Have mercy on my non-technical soul.

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