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> From: "Koster, Raph" <rkoster at origin.ea.com>
> Fewer doesn't mean too few to cause the problem. I'd guess a double-digit
> percentage of our players have multiple accounts. The problems it causes can
> be quite severe since the advantages can be very large.
> -Raph 

All this talk about the problems of multiplaying are
predicated on the assumption you're talking about an
environment where "competitive advantage" is a major
issue.  (Which admittedly, it is for 98% of the list
members, since this list is mostly populated by
combat-mud authors).  I just feel compelled to point
out that these problems of multiplaying arise only in
games that are closer to the "zero sum game" end of
the game design spectrum, and not very much in games
that are more towards the "win-win" end of the spectrum.

Main problem on that end is if somebody runs 2 or more
at the same time, they're generally less attentive and
responsive to the people their talking or RPing with,
which leads to more frustration and tension.  But that's
really a different issue.

Generally in a social or RP oriented mud with no combat
system and no money, people that have multiple characters
add to the variety of the environment in a positive way.

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