[MUD-Dev] Online Justice Systems

scott guzman shade2x at home.com
Fri Mar 24 17:38:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Dundee <SkeptAck at antisocial.com> writes:
> I ban people and turn a blind eye if they "sneak back in" (even without the
> $60).  It seems to work:  They act right the second go-around.   Not so for
> other people?

It depends what you mean by 'right'. If it's the way the admin wants 'em
to act, even if it's not 'right' in the absolute sense of the word, not
a chance. What we're getting into here is politics and online, just like
offline, there will always be people who would rather die for their
views then simply bow down to someone who can delete/ban them (or,
offline, kill them :-p).

Personally, I've been banned from many places. The themes may have been
different, but in almost every case, the bottom line was that they
didn’t like what I had to say, even though I said it politely; usually,
it was simply that I disagreed with an admin on something or other. In
terms of muds, I was first banned on one called tfc; the story of my
life there can be seen at
http://members.home.net/shade2x/muds/tfc/story/ .

Most recently, I was banned from Mathew Mihaly's Achaea, supposedly
because I wasn't being ic enough, even though my last post only had a
mistake I forgot to correct which made it a bit ooc).

I’ve also been banned from 3 moos and (for a while) the mudconnector web
site; in general, these too had to do with them not liking what I had to
say, though here, I dealt with a more controversial issue (sexual
issues, predominantly on things like age of sexual consent, I suppose
you could call it, as well as some elements of my past). Only in the
case of Lambda Moo was any other reason given (they were afraid that,
because I wasn’t always repentant for my past actions, law enforcement
would be interested).

shade, who's aching for that money order he sent in to get to its
destination and finally get his own mud and not have to worry about some
admin deciding they don’t like me and I can deal with any possible law
enforcement issues if they come up.

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