[MUD-Dev] Trouble Makers or Regular Citizens

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>     Don't ban them and get them pissed off at you so they talk trash.
> remove them from the game world and give them a place to cool off.
> be especially surprised when one of their newbie characters is not
> in newbie central, but instead directly in the holding tank.

Simple... I'd rather devote the manpower associated with checking up on the
whether or not troublemakers are reformed to building and developing the
game world. There's a point at which it's more prudent to preserve 10 people
at the cost of 1 high-maintenance person than it is to make sure that our
game is warm-and-fuzzy for the few the less-than-desirable people that
decide to make a problem for everyone else.

> However, most of these were due to someone's personal attitude
> at that point in time and I was reserved enough to realize that person
> not perform or attempt to perform the said actions.

On Legend, as far as harassment issues (personal, Out of Character threats,
threats against the server, etc) we take pretty much a 0 tolerance attitude.
When you're dealing with people IRL, you have the chance to notice their
physical size, strength, their body language... you don't have that luxury
when you're reading incoming text. The person you may be dealing with might
be a twink or some super-hacker who has the resources and skills to destroy
your system, or someone who really is imbalanced enough to find out where
you live and come knocking at your door.


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