[MUD-Dev] Trouble Makers or Regular Citizens

Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Tue Mar 28 13:10:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

[Compliments Ala Matthew]
> at all, is irritating my major customers enough that they complain, =

    Ask your major customers if they'd rather have to complain to you or
be given the power to handle it themselves.  And I guarantee they'd =
be able to filter that person rather than have them kicked/banned.  To =
that person will be kicked/banned because they can't hear them and don't
have to worry about that person.
    Granted I don't run a pay MUD, and I never have.  I've contributed =
many open source developments and will continue to do so while at the =
time developing my own open source codebase.  I think one of the other
spectators of this list hit a good point.  Make annoying players want to =
on your MUD and make them want to pay for airtime on public channels.
Have an almost TV type atmosphere.  I'm sure a couple of the people you
banned would love to have a Jerry Springer channel, an I"m sure you'd =
loads on the TVs you'd sell in the MUD.
    Honestly, don't use the few people who pay to play your MUD as an =
without asking them what they would prefer.  I'd certainly pay to play =
MUD, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to have to ask you to ban someone. =
in your MUD living the life thereof, I don't even want to talk to you =
administration.  To me thats like having a world with one hitman.  And =
by me
being a paying customer and someone else being rude, I'm allowed to get =
shot.  No, wrong, give me the power to filter this person.  Keep them =
off my
owned premises in the MUD, block out their voice if need be, or even not =
their messages on a forum.  I'd rather have the power myself then leave =
it in
the "All Mighty's" hands.  And I'm sure some of your paying customers =
feel the
same way.  People don't pay to be babies on a MUD.

    - Justin Rogers, CEO DigiTec Web Consultants

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