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Wes Connell wconnell at skotos.net
Tue Mar 28 13:16:19 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Lovecraft wrote:

> For free muds this is impossible.  There is at least one form of currency
> for the free mud: time online.  Considering the feedback mechanism of money:
> that which is paid more for is valued more (at least by those paying).  For
> free muds, there is time online.  The more one plays online, the more it is
> valued.  For example: You get "X" amount of votes/points for each hour
> online.

Excellent idea! I love the idea of time online as a currency. Although
this still applies to pay muds. 

My main UO character was red for four months. During that time he was
almost useless. Now that he is blue again I can actually go to a town
without getting whacked. That four months of effort I put in is VERY
valuable to me.

Chris Allen mentioned in a psuedo Skotos meeting that time a resource that
you will never get back. This idea makes time online a very precious

wconnell at skotos.net

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