[MUD-Dev] Trouble Makers or Regular Citizens

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>I think one of the other
>spectators of this list hit a good point.  Make annoying players want to be
>on your MUD and make them want to pay for airtime on public channels.
>Have an almost TV type atmosphere.  I'm sure a couple of the people you
>banned would love to have a Jerry Springer channel, an I"m sure you'd make
>loads on the TVs you'd sell in the MUD.

Certainly this would be appropriate in certain environment, but not in, say,
a Tolkien-themed RP MUD.  There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

[on giving players the power to silence troublemakers]

>People don't pay to be babies on a MUD.

You might be unpleasantly surprised.  In fact, a number of pay-for players
expect that the administrators will monitor the game closely and remove
anybody who is spoiling their good time.  They expect the admins not only to
remove troublemakers, but also to enforce roleplaying and keep the place
free of all things that might be considered inappropriate.

It's a trend I personally find dismaying.

Based partly on first-hand experience, I'd say that it's less important that
the admins ban or not ban, than that the players know when the admins will
step in and when they won't.  It's not fair to lead players to expect
intervention when the admins have no intention of intervening; neither is it
fair for the admins to step into a situation that the players have been led
to believe should be handled on their own.

(Disclaimer: my experience is entirely with commercial MUDs.)

   -- Sharon

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