[MUD-Dev] Trouble Makers or Regular Citizens

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>     Ah, the heart of the matter rears its head.  I guess the largest
> point amounts to publicity and how many problems a certain person
> can cause you.  Lets take Mr. Shade2x for example.  How many
> people would go to TFC after reviewing his site about his actions there.
> He made a very convincing argument that the game was a total flop, yet
> nobody really knows if he was correct or if he was wrong.

Publicity is, well, publicity. Bad or good. In fact, I'd have never tried
many muds until I'd heard people complaining about how bad they were (on any
level, and including the aformentioned TFC). There are many who've tried
Legend after hearing bad things about it, only to become dedicated and
devoted players. I'll never be able to gather statistics about who didn't
log on because of a bad rap, but that's the dish of the situation. I'm not
condoning random banning on people to get your name out there, but if
someone does something to warrant a ban, and they increase your publicity
because of it... well, that's pretty much a win-win situation

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