[MUD-Dev] Gamasutra: Online Justice Systems

Sayeed yu219121 at YorkU.CA
Tue Mar 28 17:42:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Wes wrote:
>Although UO characters are "cheap" the current penalty system targets the
>account as a whole. If I have 4 awesome characters and 1 jerk character
>and the jerk character does something to get banned/deleted then the whole
>account is trashed. 
>This makes the character/account system act almost like a single
>entity. [snip]

Hmmm, if the problem is severe enough to warrant OOC consequences, 
I don't see how the account could not be treated as a whole.  
Problem being that IC justice systems and responsibility systems 
(such as the community), are not able to do so and they may
discourage this sort of behavior before it begins.


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