[MUD-Dev] Object and class heirarchies -- are they really necessary?

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[Phillip Lenhardt <philen at funky.monkey.org>:]

> For example, if a door is just a regular object with open and close
> methods and link attributes pointing at two other roomish objects,
> how do you determine if it is a door at all? In a class hierarchy,
> you can ask for the class or type of an object. If that class or
> type is or is descended from the door class, you know you have a
> door object. With just a base class, you have to check for all
> relevant methods and attributes before treating that object like
> a door.

I recall someone on this list (JCL?) saying something analagous to:

    If it acts like a door, its a door.

Why do you care if the way it gets its door behaviour is by being an
"official" door? If someone has, within the rules of your world, created
a non-door object which is intended to act like a door, then I would
think you would want everyone to treat it as if it were a door. In other
words, you don't want anyone to be able to find out that it isn't "really"
a door.

Possibly there are some rare administrative cases where you want to be
able to identify "official" doors, but should that kind of requirement
drive the basic heart of your system?

Don't design inefficiency in - it'll happen in the implementation.

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