[MUD-Dev] RE:Troublemakers and their M.O.

Baldur Norddahl bbn at nkdev.dk
Thu Mar 30 09:35:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Quoting Aaron Leslie (silrathi at yahoo.com):

> One of the characteristics of the truely annoying player is that they
> don't much care _how_ they are being annoying, just so long as somebody is
> annoyed by them.  Being silenced just means he's done his job for the day. 
> Being put in hell is merely an excuse to go annoy people on another mud
> till his sentence is up.  Being slayed is a source of constant amusement
> (as perhaps it should be).  Upon being frozen they just hold down their
> enter key, spamming immortals with log reports as they get booted off the
> mud for spamming entries and then reconnecting.

We have an option to "chat curse" people where nobody sees what they write
on channels, yet the offender doesn't know. Often this successfully makes
the offender leave when he gets tired of waiting for any response. I believe
the key thing here is that these kids are seeking attention so deny them
that in a way where they don't reallise they actually did get some

We also have a nice spam limiter for new chars. If a newbie tries to write
too fast to a channel it tells him to slow down and blocks the message. This
has eliminated those annoying level 1 characters that go /repeat 100 channel


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