[MUD-Dev] RE:Troublemakers and their M.O.

Chris Jacobson fear at technologist.com
Thu Mar 30 12:48:54 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On 3/30/00 1:35 AM, Baldur Norddahl (bbn at nkdev.dk) stated:

>We have an option to "chat curse" people where nobody sees what they write
>on channels, yet the offender doesn't know. Often this successfully makes
>the offender leave when he gets tired of waiting for any response. I believe
>the key thing here is that these kids are seeking attention so deny them
>that in a way where they don't reallise they actually did get some

One of our methods for people who have like to swear a lot, since our 
game is in a violent future war setting, and is based on 6 movies (Aliens 
and Predator series) and comics that feature swearing, is that we have a 
'bitch' channel that people can tune into and swear all they want.  This 
is an anything goes, opt-in channel (off by default), where anything can 
be said or done - except for spamming.  The players can even complain 
about the staff if they like.  We've found it to be a VERY effective tool 
for cleaning up chat and race channels for useful chatter.  Swearing on a 
public channel other than BITCH or MUSIC results in a warning or mute.

An idea I've been plannning is a 'karma' system, where players start with 
0 karma.  They earn karma points by being observed performing good deeds, 
helping newbies, etc.  They lose karma points by breaking rules or being 
nuisances (newbie-slaughtering, etc).  With a positive karma, good things 
happen (luckier hits, slight bonus to experience, maybe pay less for 
things, etc).  Bad karma results in negative effects... the bettter or 
worse your karma, the more the effect is noticeable.

- Chris Jacobson

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