[MUD-Dev] Richard Garriot's 'X' project

Sellers Sellers
Fri Mar 31 09:35:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Matt wrote:
> This is interesting:
> From an interview with Richard Garriot, speaking of his next online
> project, codenamed (imaginatively), 'X'. (sorry about the 
> formatting. I
> cut and pasted, and bloody Pine doesn't like that too much). Full
> interview may be found at: 
> http://www.nextgame.it/html/articolo.php?id=653

Even more interesting given that Garriott and Origin have parted ways --
along with reportedly twenty others (hopefully none that are on this list?).

See the news at Lum the Mad's site: http://lum.xrgaming.net/

It's a hard, dark day for Origin and doubtless a lot of good folks.

Mike Sellers

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