[MUD-Dev] update on selling Godhoods

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> Well, as many of you predicted, the experiment has so far not gone =
> This is actually a bit of a general problem, as the people whom we =
> want to become Gods, are often the sort of people who are smart and=20
> reasonably successful (adults) in their careers (and had the money to=20
> spend quite a bit on their characters). By spending all the money on =
> mortals, they feel like they must not give them up.=20
> Mm, see how useful this list is? Inspiration has hit me while writing =
> post! Perhaps some of the cost, or all of the cost, of their characters=
> should be refunded to them, at our option, after 1 year as an active,=20
> productive God. Yes, I like that incentive.=20

I don't know about other players but money isn't the only bottom line when =
it comes to giving up a character. Even if the money invested is minimal, =
there's also an investment of "sweat equity" from the time, energy and all =
the social connections built up.=20

Perhaps if it was possible to put their character in stasis for one year. =
If after one year of God duty, they decide they want to step down, then =
they can step back into their character renewed from a long journey. It's =
possible that players might want to swap between a year in as a God and a =
year out as a player to avoid burnout.=20

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