[MUD-Dev] Reach out and bitch at someone

Malcolm Valentine spin at fastlink.com.au
Thu Jul 6 18:48:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Fri, Jun 30, 2000, Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> Incidentally, I was at a movie theatre last night and witnessed a woman
> screaming at the popcorn clerks because one of them had failed to say
> 'thank you' to her. People DO act like asses to customer service types irl
> just like in games.
> --matt

  Having worked in numerous customer service jobs, I've had plenty of this.
There seems to be several common themes.

1) People in a hurry are generally more rude. When I worked at a petrol 
   station customers would come in and throw there money at me, rather then
   walk up to the counter to pay. They would also try to grab their credit
   cards back the moment they were swiped so they could leave straight
   away, not because the cards were invalid.
   Most people using the Internet are in a hurry, they don't want to stand
   around all day telling you why you're mud sucks, they just want you to
   fix it for them now.

2) The Sun really does shine out of some people's ... just ask them.

   Of course, because the Sun doesn't shine out of your behind, you are
   stupid and lowly, and must be told how to treat your betters...

3) Some people have their own private universe. 

   You've broken my reality, fix it for me now! These people are very
   different from (2) above, they aren't being superior, just 
   self-absorbed and stubborn. If they think the moon only rises on
   Tuesdays, then they get upset when they see it on a Friday.

4) Some cowards, err, people like easy targets. You can't run away, you 
   can't be rude, and you have to look interested. 
   I guess this is probably a lot more common on pay muds, as they feel
   they have a "right" to be there.
   These are also the people who smile to your face and bitch to your back.

5) Some people just want attention.
   Having gotten bored with telling you how great your mud is, they can
   still converse with you be spending time telling you how much better
   it would be with xyz. Once you start ignoring that, they'll start
   yelling at you.

6) Some people have nothing better to do with their time.

7) Most people are lazy, so by the time the get worked up enough to actually
   complain, they want to shout at something...
   If they are only a little upset, chances are they won't do anything,
   except moan at their friends about it.

8) Sometimes you just happen to be standing around when the last straw goes
   on to the camel's back. How many administrators have any idea what is 
   going on in the lives of even a small percentage of their players? Every
   so often you are going to have someone explode at you for no apparent
   reason, after all, you don't know they are extremely PO'ed at something

That's all that comes to mind, 
  Malcolm V.

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