[MUD-Dev] Spherical World Design

Michelle Thompson m.a.thompson at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 7 22:02:57 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Philip Loguinov wrote:
> For a text based mud, I'm trying to design a round world for my planet
> rather then using a flat grid. I've gone through several ideas including
> using rooms and not using rooms, but every time I run into complications
> which don't have a... clean solution. Here are the ideas i've concidered:
Compare a sphere and a twenty-sided dice.  The twenty-sided dice could be
considered a representation of the sphere using equilateral triangles.  With
the 20 triangles though, it is not as smooth and round as a sphere.  To make
it appear more like a sphere, you would have to increase the number of
triangles.  If you had 80, it would appear to be more like a sphere. The
advantage of equilateral triangles is that each one can be divided into four
more equilateral triangles.  Then those four each can be divided into four
again.  When nothing specific has been designated for an area, it can be left
in the large triangle state. When an area needs to be assigned, a larger
triangle can be divided by four as many times as you need. One of the
smaller equilateral triangles can be broken down into uniform hexagons for the

Michelle Thompson

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