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Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Fri Jul 7 22:08:39 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Rayzam wrote:

>     Actually, you misinterpreted me. It's not the same area can be taken on
> by any level of character. It's that when you create a new area, that area
> idea/theme should be able to be coded for a specific level/difficulty for
> characters, but that that level it will be coded for should be anywhere from
> super easy to super difficult.
>     Example: Paladin takes over a village to launch a crusade on the
> countryside.  The paladin could be a low level 1 paladin, the villagers
> become level 0 mortals.  Or it could be the High Paladin of Crusades, level
> 100.  Or it could be a Paladin level 30, etc.  My point is that a theme for
> an area should be independent of the level of the area when it is finally
> coded.

But does it really make sense for a level 1 dragon to terrorize a 
village? Seems like thematic level independence is a reasonable 
objective, but you have to be careful not to go too far :)
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