[MUD-Dev] Acting casual about casual gamers

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jul 7 23:16:35 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

> rayzam
>     Actually, you misinterpreted me. It's not the same area can be taken on
> by any level of character. It's that when you create a new area, that area
> idea/theme should be able to be coded for a specific level/difficulty for
> characters, but that that level it will be coded for should be anywhere from
> super easy to super difficult.

Just a few thoughts on casual gamers within a quest type game.  
Has anyone implemented areas that are dynamically copied and loaded for 
a player or group of players?   It would seem to be a possible solution 
to some of the problems in quest-type games.

Specifically, suppose Bubba decides to do the Princess Quest and
enters the "area".  The area is reset and loaded just for Bubba.
Boffo and Biffy come along and also enter the Princess area.  A
copy is loaded and reset just for Boffo and Bernie.

Problems solved.
1) Players doing quests that are missing key items that have been 
taken by other Players.
2) Players starting quests and unable to complete them because
someone finished them first.
3) Players having to wait to do quests because another player(group)
is currently doing them.
And most importantly...
4) Players could save their position and state of the quest area
so they could log on and complete it at their leisure.  An especially
nice feature if your quests are long, involved and complex.

Problems caused.
1) May reduce direct competitive questing. 
2) Reduces "realism".  
3) Saving state on quests that involve mutiple 'areas' or the entire 
mud for that matter may prove to be impractical.

A potentional new feature would be individually(group) timed 
quests.  Players could compete to get on lists of top fastest 
quest solvers or some other reward could be handed out.
Or perhaps a Zork-like scoring system could be added to quest
"areas" instead of timing or in conjuction with timing.  

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