[MUD-Dev] Spherical World Design

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at skotos.net
Sat Jul 8 21:41:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Jon A. Lambert wrote:
> The issue of creating a textual
> user interface to a hexagonal mapping grid is problematic.

Though not spherical, I thought DartMUD did an excellent job of representing
hexagonal areas.

For instance, when you leave starting town of Eristan:

> west
You gaze at your surroundings.

        -----         #) A small castle of the nobility.
       / n  n\        C) A small cave
  -----   C  n-----   E) The entrance to a sprawling city.
 /n  nn\  n  / %  %\  H) A small shed
- nn  n -----  %%  %r E) Part of a sprawling city.
 \ nn  /   n \  %% r
  -----   E n rrrrr
 /n   n\     r.   .\
-  n#   rrrrr  .E ..-
 \  n  r.   .\  .  /
  ----r  .H . -----
       r  .  /

> survey n
To the north you see:
A hills.
A small cave
Further north you see:
A tall mountain.

They also have a stat called 'distance_vision' which will let you see more or
less hexes when traveling.

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