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On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Travis Nixon wrote:

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> >Just as a counterpoint--I've seen the argument advanced that one reason =
> >Asheron's Call isn't doing as well as the other MMORPGs is that its
> >fantastical elements are too unfamiliar. To people other than the hardco=
> >players, AD&D fantasy is as fantastical as they are really able to stoma=
> >(It took a stage production of THE HOBBIT for my dad to be able to stmoa=
> >any sort of fantasy whatsoever. When I asked him why, I was told, "becau=
> >the names and creatures are just too weird.")
> >
> >-Raph
> I think this actually frightens me more than anything else.  The fact tha=
> we may be locked into "traditional" fantasy simply because the players do=
> want anything that deviates by more than a little. :(

No no no. We aren't locked into anything. Games wanting 100k players may
be, but seriously, how many of you on this list really give a damn about
those games? How many of you are ever going to work on a game that is
going to attract 100k players?=20

There is this massive potential market out there, and it is large enough=20
and diverse enough, that niche games can survive quite well. Granted, we
still can't just put our imaginations into code and expect a lot of people
to like it. In all areas of entertainment, people like the familiar. I
don't think we need to feel trapped by AD&D though, however brilliant it
might be.


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