[MUD-Dev] Acting casual about casual gamers

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Sun Jul 9 16:33:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Chris Turner wrote:

> But the whole idea of areas is just silly anyway.  Or at least in their
> current form they are because they don't really form part of a cohesive
> world.  Even if they have a common theme, they're still isolated and treated
> as seperate entities.  You know that if you're getting your butt kicked all
> you have to do is move to one room outside the area and you're safe - the
> occupants won't follow.

Now that, I agree with 100%. I'm trying to limit the number of ambitious 
designs I work on for my mud, but an arealess and resetless system made 
the list rather easily. The hard part seems to be generating buildings 
and populated areas from the population objects.

> The above example(s) of themed areas in my mind are actually more akin to
> dynamic quests.  Except of course they're statically assigned to the same
> place.  Maybe someone should do a mud based on the film "Groundhog day" -
> it'd fit in so well with current mud designs. *8)

Too well. It's not really a theme if you don't have to do anything 
differently to accomplish it, IMHO.

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