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> Rayzam wrote:
> >     Actually, you misinterpreted me. It's not the same area can be taken
> > by any level of character. It's that when you create a new area, that
> > idea/theme should be able to be coded for a specific level/difficulty
> > characters, but that that level it will be coded for should be anywhere
> > super easy to super difficult.
> >
> >     Example: Paladin takes over a village to launch a crusade on the
> > countryside.  The paladin could be a low level 1 paladin, the villagers
> > become level 0 mortals.  Or it could be the High Paladin of Crusades,
> > 100.  Or it could be a Paladin level 30, etc.  My point is that a theme
> > an area should be independent of the level of the area when it is
> > coded.
> But does it really make sense for a level 1 dragon to terrorize a
> village? Seems like thematic level independence is a reasonable
> objective, but you have to be careful not to go too far :)

    I don't believe things need to be so cut and dried.  A small village
might call a marauding giant insect a 'dragon'.  And hence, yes, a 'level 1
dragon' can terrorize a village.  You could accomplish the same by having a
butterfly terrorizing the village, however, that's the overall problem with
talking/scripting down to new players. So it's not like they kill Tiamat,
but to the village being terrorized and the heroes defeating the beast, to
all intents and purposes, it is a beast, with an appropriate beast name,
instead of a weak one.

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