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> But the whole idea of areas is just silly anyway.  Or at least in their
> current form they are because they don't really form part of a cohesive
> world.  Even if they have a common theme, they're still isolated and
> as seperate entities.  You know that if you're getting your butt kicked
> you have to do is move to one room outside the area and you're safe - the
> occupants won't follow.

    That's a very good point. It would be nice, but it's hard to end up
with, overall themes. So you take the mud, give it continents or worlds.
Each continent or world has a different flavor/theme. Sort of a
super-metatheme. Then areas of that have metathemes. And then within that
there are themes.

    Example: A world/region based on the British Isles and surrounding
areas. From there, the subs of the celts and romans, etc. From there,
individual islands. And beyond that, individual areas in those islands,
drawing on the history, myths and legends.

    Computer games seem to pull off this overall theme much better than the
average mud. I suppose that's not surprising as a volunteer staff,
especially with a lot of turnover, will code up many divergent ideas.

    This would solve the cohesive world, yet still have areas.

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