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Rayzam wrote:

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> > But does it really make sense for a level 1 dragon to terrorize a
> > village? Seems like thematic level independence is a reasonable
> > objective, but you have to be careful not to go too far :)
>     I don't believe things need to be so cut and dried.  A small village
> might call a marauding giant insect a 'dragon'.  And hence, yes, a 'level 1
> dragon' can terrorize a village.  You could accomplish the same by having a
> butterfly terrorizing the village, however, that's the overall problem with
> talking/scripting down to new players. So it's not like they kill Tiamat,
> but to the village being terrorized and the heroes defeating the beast, to
> all intents and purposes, it is a beast, with an appropriate beast name,
> instead of a weak one.

Two questions, though:

First, if the beginning player character doesn't start out significantly 
more powerful than others how do you make the concept vague enough?

Second, what's the purpose? I understand pretty much what you're saying, 
but not quite what the purpose of the guideline is.
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