[MUD-Dev] Online gaming conference

Matthew Mihaly the_logos at achaea.com
Mon Jul 10 04:35:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Anyone going to IIR's Online Gaming conference in London the 26th to 29th
of September? Was thinking of using it as a good excuse to head across the
Atlantic for some vacationing.


Looks quite interesting. It's entitled, "Building a Successful Business
Model to Drive Online Gaming Revenues." 

Speakers who might be familiar to the list include Gordon Walton, Greg
Costikyan, Neil Harris, Toby Ragaini.

Titles of some of the sessions are:

"Evaluating Flat Fee Monthly Subscriptions as the Business Model of Choice
for Online Gaming" by John Taylor (chief production officer at ea.com)

"Examining the potential of Pay-per-play and 'Pay For Components' Models"
by Leonard Quam from Crossover.

"Effectively integrating advertising with online games in order to create
a viable commercial model" by Robert Regular of Conducent.

So anyway, anyone going?


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