[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players

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Mon Jul 10 12:02:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, Greg Miller wrote:
> (2) Curses: I haven't seen this one on any other muds, so if you know of 
> one, I'd love to see it. I'm allowing players to put curses on anyone 
> they have a name for (note that I'm using an introduction system, so you 
> can only curse someone who's introduced himself, to whom you've assigned 
> a nickname, or who has killed or cursed you) that last indefinately. 
> They only take effect when the curser is logged in and do not have 
> severe effects. A given player can have only one active curse on a 
> single target, and can only curse a limited number of people. As a 
> result, players will eventually need to forgive and forget old disputes 
> in order to deal with new ones. Randomly cursing lots of people 
> shouldn't be very effective as a harassment tool, since you can't harm 
> them severely with one curse, yet they can cripple you since they have 
> the advantage of numbers. Curses don't require hunting down the victim, 
> so there should be no problem with powerful, skilled players being 
> immune (which is a big problem with pk as an enforcement tool).

I've always liked the idea of death curses: if you attack and kill a witch-type
person, they will place a death curse upon you with their dying breath.
This works well with what you outline above: a death curse would last forever,
or until dispelled by some sort of exorcist-type person, making players
afraid of killing witch-types (even if they are easy to defeat in combat).


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