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> Given the mythic scale and high level of implied wonder in the
> dreamtime its a tough call to do in a game setting without
> trivialising it to a Dargonball-Z-style stats question on how many
> zeros.
> I'd love to see it attempted.

LegendMUD at has an Aboriginal Dreamtime area. It postdates my active
involvement with the mud. I have no idea how popular it is relative to the
rest of the mud (I'd guess not very, but in part because of its location
which is sort of out of the way, past other not-as-popular areas, rather
than theme--Legend has all sorts of individual area themes, so...). I also
have no idea how successful it is at avoiding the numbers game.

A brief description is available on the LegendMUD website, along with the
exact same Britain example used previously. :)



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