[MUD-Dev] "Mud-school", character-gen and role-playing

Nameless Solforge mhenry at stormnet.com
Tue Jul 11 13:06:10 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

At 12:11 PM 07/11/2000, Travis Casey wrote:

>  - If the campaign changes in a significant way, the value or an ad or
>    disad naturally adjusts with it.  For example, water-breathing might
>    be very useful in a campaign set in a Venice-like city.  However,
>    if the party moves to another city, it may suddenly be nearly
>    useless.  In a standard setup, the player may get upset about
>    effectively losing the points spent for that advantage.  In
>    Theatrix, the player is simply no longer activating that
>    descriptor, leaving those plot points free to use with other
>    descriptors.

I'm somewhat reminded of a Heroes/Champions concept (which might be strange 
to implement in MUD terms, but not entirely impossible): Power Pools.

For an escalated (+2 advantage, which I believe amounts to at least 2x the 
pool amount) cost, you have a place where you can have whatever abilities 
(within whatever restrictions are placed by character and GM) you would 
need to use at the time.  There's also a similar one, which I completely 
forget the name of, in which you list the specific abilities you have 
available to that pool -- costs less than the Variable.

The ability to change which skills/spells/etc. you're using with that pool 
is restricted by a time frame.  In Champions, it takes a round I believe, 
unless you have ads/disads.  But for other applications, such as plot 
points, this could be based on scene/event.

The vampire's abilities were concentrated on fighting not thinking to 
account for escape... or not having to concentrate on water breathing when 
not in Venice...


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