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Ryan Schotte schotter at bigfoot.com
Tue Jul 11 23:23:22 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

on 11/7/00 12:59 PM, J C Lawrence at claw at kanga.nu wrote:
> ObSegue: Actually the term "Kurdaitcha" is one of those curiously
> homonymic nouns where the principlal definition is the name of a
> rather type of shoe, and the secondary definition is in reference to
> the people who wear those shoes and what they do (the noun
> transparently both adjectifying and verbifying).

I had been informed that the term is also a reference to a malignant
spirit who brings death to the disobedient tribal members, before
disappearing off into the otherworld - and as such they had presented
him to players as a spirit, albeit one who followed an overgrown path
around a camp - however I now cannot find a reliable source that
confirms this similar definition. Annoying to say the least, because
I can't know if the builder was working from an obscure reference or
an incorrect one.

> Anybody got any actually rigorous web references for the area, or
> even aboriginee mythology?

While I'm certainly no authority on the subject, I would suggest that
the mythology of the Australian Aborigines, being largely passed
orally to each successive generation, is very difficult to compile
into a single, comprehensive reference because of local variations
that enter into related myths. However, the ever useful Encyclopedia
Mythica appears to have started a section at
http://www.pantheon.org/mythica/areas/aboriginal/  which while small,
is a start.

And with that I think this thread is definitely headed off-topic. :)

 schotter at bigfoot.com

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