[MUD-Dev] A new combat system

Ryan P. ixiterra at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 12 08:25:03 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

At 08:22 AM 7/10/00 -0400, Dragat123 wrote:
>    In Diablo, every 0.05 seconds an update event occurs, this is similar to 
>a 'turn'.  During this update the order goes Player, Monsters, Magical 
>effects, such as arrows.
>    Each living thing exists in one of several states.  These include 
>walking, standing, attacking, casting spells, doing hit recovery and being 
>stoned.  One must finish their current action before they may start a new 
>one, unless they get hit.
>    Combat is divided into the following steps
>Pre-hit- checks to make sure it is a valid target
>To-hit- Check to see if a hit is done
>Blocking- Check to see if opponent blocked
>Damage- calculate the damage
>hit consequences- life and mana stealing, death so on
>Hit consequences include loss of durability etc.
>Basically each weapon would have a base time.   Each character would have a 
>multiplier.  That is how long it takes to 'swing' the weapon.  So for 
>instance I could swing my sword more times than you could swing your big axe, 
>because mine has a faster base time...  This would make it interesting...  
>Any ideas on how to make it better, i.e adding spells and the such...

This is very similar to how I wished to set up my mud. Unfortunately,
MudOS does not support any type of exact timings. The lowest I can
feasibly use is one second, which, IMO, is waaay too long. So I
compromised and used this system:

You have 100 speed points per round (1 second).
Daggers would typically have a speed of about 75 meaning that the
first round you could swing once, and the speed is carried over so
the next round you have 125 speed points. Swing again, you have
150 speed points. Now you can swing twice in a single round.

Of course, things like dexterity and special items can increase the
speed of the weapon so you can swing it faster.

I also wanted spells to cast with very exact timings, as it is a skill
based system and I wanted casters with higher skill levels to cast
spells more quickly. What I think I've settled on here is pretty
much the same thing for combat spells. Combat spells work like
weapons, they keep attacking (although the caster may not attack
with a weapon at the same time) and there is a possibility for 2
or 3 casts in a single round. Other spells will just have their timings
rounded to the nearest whole number, which is definitely not
something I wanted to settle for. Oh well. =)


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