[MUD-Dev] A new combat system

Hess Hess
Wed Jul 12 14:14:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Ryan P., wrote:
> This is very similar to how I wished to set up my mud. 
> Unfortunately, MudOS does not support any type of exact timings.
> The lowest I can feasibly use is one second, which, IMO, is waaay
> too long. So I compromised and used this system:You have 100
> speed points per round (1 second).Daggers would typically have
>  a speed of about 75 meaning that the first round you could swing once,
> and the speed is carried over so the next round you have 125 speed
> points. Swing again, you have150 speed points. Now you can swing
> twice in a single round.  Of course, things like dexterity and special
> items can increase the speed of the weapon so you can swing it faster.
> I also wanted spells to cast with very exact timings, as it is a
> system and I wanted casters with higher skill levels to cast spells more
> quickly. What I think I've settled on here is pretty much the same thing
> for combat spells. Combat spells work like weapons, they keep attacking
> (although the caster may not attack with a weapon at the same time)
> and there is a possibility for 2or 3 casts in a single round. Other spells
> will just have their timings rounded to the nearest whole number, which
> is definitely not something I wanted to settle for. Oh well. =)-Ryan 

I'm curious how your system deals with a maximum number of speed points
allowed at any one point, or lag experienced during a fight.  Can a
not do anything for a round or two and then have a flurry of activity?  Does
a character lose actions in moderate lag?  Do you think the increases
provided by the aforementioned dexterity or haste magics will cause min/max
opportunities due to fractional changes?

Sounds interesting, but very hard to balance.

Ian Hess
Network admin and aspiring game designer

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