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Marc Bowden ryumo at merit.edu
Wed Jul 12 15:02:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

--On Wednesday, July 12, 2000 10:03 +0100 Scatter 
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> Multiple applications of the curse would have a cumulative effect
> until the character becomes more or less unplayable. At this point
> the player has to decide whether its more desirable to sacrifice the
> character and start over with a new one or to reform, apologise and
> get the curses removed.

  We wish. The kids are much more likely to spend their time trying to 
figure out how to "stick it to the man."

> Of course, this method would have very little effect on the 'annoying
> newbie' syndrome who has just created a character for the specific
> purpose of annoying people.

  This, THIS is why God made 'nochannel'. *blissful sigh*

> The other mechanism I'm considering, given that it is unlikely for an
> admin to be on all the time, is to allow players to boot a player
> from the game.
> The idea is that players have a command such as 'boot' which can be
> used on annoying players. When the first player uses 'boot', the
> system begins logging the actions of the targetted player - to
> provide supporting evidence of the problem actions. When a certain
> proportion of other players online have also used 'boot' on the
> player then he is chucked out of the game and his access is suspended
> pending admin review of the log.

  The potential for abuse here is INCREDIBLE. My first thought is some 
script kid logging in 30 alternates and becoming his own law. And you 
*know* coalitions will form to keep everyone but them off.

> The proportion of players having to support the boot would probably
> have to vary depending on the number online - if there are only 6
> online, then 5 should need to agree whereas if there are 30 online
> then 20 agreements might be enough. The logging should prevent (or at
> least, expose) groups of players using 'boot' maliciously.

  This mitigates my earlier uneasiness, but only just barely.

  The method I prefer lies in setting up the player population with 
their own police force, where the power to arrest or confine lies. The 
leadership of this militia selects, regulates, and promotes their own 
members. An officer (wizard) is assigned to test and promote members 
applying to be leaders.
  Of course, I'm a list oddball, and tend to social engineering instead 
of code-and-earmuffs solutions. =)

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