[MUD-Dev] A new combat system

Ryan P. ixiterra at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 12 17:00:33 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

At 02:14 PM 7/12/00 -0700, Ian Hess wrote:
>I'm curious how your system deals with a maximum number of speed points
>allowed at any one point, or lag experienced during a fight.  Can a
>not do anything for a round or two and then have a flurry of activity?  Does
>a character lose actions in moderate lag?  Do you think the increases
>provided by the aforementioned dexterity or haste magics will cause min/max
>opportunities due to fractional changes?
>Sounds interesting, but very hard to balance.

The speed points are reset every round and any remaining speed points from
the last round are carried over. They are reset if combat is broken or
It is an automatic system so lag does not affect the functioning of the system.
Not quite sure what you mean about causing min/max opportunities. Although
I phrased it oddly, spells actually increase the speed points you get per round
by a percentage. So if, with your dexterity bonus, you get 120 speed points
per round, a haste spell adds 10% speed, now you have 132 speed points per
round. Dexterity is a set bonus for each point of dexterity.

So if you had really crap dex and no haste spell, you would swing a dagger
1st round - once (25 speed remaining)
2nd round - once (50 speed remaining)
3rd round - twice (0 speed remaining)
4th round - once (25 speed remaining)

With good dex and haste
1st round - once (57 speed remaining)
2nd round - twice - (39 speed remaining)
3rd round - twice - (21 speed remaining)
4th round - twice - (3 speed remaining)

That's pretty much how it works.


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