[MUD-Dev] Corruption of the game, profit and ethics

Chris Jacobson fear at technologist.com
Wed Jul 12 17:21:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On 7/12/00 3:34 PM, S. Patrick Gallaty (choke at sirius.com) stated:

>1) Would it be unethical for a game company to engineer an online game to
>exploit compulsive/addictive personalities?  If yes, then is it a matter of

Unethical?  Not really.  They aren't charging by the hour, so how are 
they gaining?  At a flat monthly fee, it would be more beneficial to have 
lots of players only playing a bit every day, because the system load 
would be less.

I see it more as, they've tried to design a realistic world, and it 
simply draws out the compulsive/addictive personalities.

- Chris Jacobson

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