[MUD-Dev] Corruption of the game, profit and ethics

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Wed Jul 12 17:46:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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From: Chris Jacobson <fear at technologist.com>

> Unethical?  Not really.  They aren't charging by the hour, so how are
> they gaining?  At a flat monthly fee, it would be more beneficial to have
> lots of players only playing a bit every day, because the system load
> would be less.
> I see it more as, they've tried to design a realistic world, and it
> simply draws out the compulsive/addictive personalities.
> - Chris Jacobson

N.B. I am not talking specifically about everquest.

I asked not if everquest was unethical, but rather would it be unethical if
someone were to make such a design.

Verant has specifically admitted that there are design considerations which
involve 'pacing' or controlling the rate which players advance, some of
these are specific design considerations such as not allowing melee
characters to 'bind', invoking long travel times.   I think you might be
surprised at the people who are making and approving some of the design
considerations on everquest (board of directors), and what their ultimate
concern is.  But that again, isn't what I intend to address with these

Again, reread my questions.  I am asking if the revenue pressure can and
does alter the game, and can those alterations be unethical?

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