[MUD-Dev] Harry Potter

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Wed Jul 12 23:15:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Given the enthusiasm for the Harry Potter books (and their inventive
and not necessarily linear world) is there a well publicised and
educated (in the game world) market for a MUD sitting there for us,
much ala all the WoD based games all copyright and trademark issues
aside?  Further, is this possibly an entrance point, if not a lever,
to access otherwise largely untapped sections of the market
(sub-teens, women, etc)?

  BTW, are there any deompgraphics available on Harry Potter sales?

Aside: I'm curious how many of us have read the Harry Potter books,
so there's a poll up at:


Note: The polls hit the SQL problem Kanga.Nu is currently suffering
(the PHP4-MySQL module has problems), but you can usually bypass
that by hitting reload or shift-reload on the page once or twice.

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