[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Thu Jul 13 05:07:32 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

  Marc Bowden wrote:

> --On Wednesday, July 12, 2000 10:03 +0100 Scatter 
> <scatter at thevortex.com> wrote:
> > The idea is that players have a command such as 'boot' which can be
> > used on annoying players. When the first player uses 'boot', the
> > system begins logging the actions of the targetted player - to
> > provide supporting evidence of the problem actions. When a certain
> > proportion of other players online have also used 'boot' on the
> > player then he is chucked out of the game and his access is suspended
> > pending admin review of the log.
> >
>   The potential for abuse here is INCREDIBLE. My first thought is some 
> script kid logging in 30 alternates and becoming his own law. And you 
> *know* coalitions will form to keep everyone but them off.

This is at least partially addressed if you use an introduction system. 
My curse system that started this thread would be subject to this same 
problem were it applied to a system without introductions.

>   The method I prefer lies in setting up the player population with 
> their own police force, where the power to arrest or confine lies. The 
> leadership of this militia selects, regulates, and promotes their own 
> members. An officer (wizard) is assigned to test and promote members 
> applying to be leaders.
>   Of course, I'm a list oddball, and tend to social engineering instead 
> of code-and-earmuffs solutions. =)

I try to minimize hardcoded social structures, but I suspect this would 
work rather well.
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